We’re adding some new features to NETCA meets beginning with the April 28th meet at Westboro. We’ll be providing repair advice along with several test loops. Those tracks will also be open for members to run their own trains.

Many of us like to run old trains in addition to collecting them. We often need advice or assistance in reviving these old gems and restoring them to run well. NETCA is going to address that need at the coming meet. We will have a repair advice clinic for old trains. We’ll have members at the show who are qualified to advise on or do repairs of anything made by Marx, American Flyer, Ives, Bing, Lionel and other manufacturers of the era. Bring your items needing repair and we’ll see what we can do to get you started on the path to repair. It’s likely that we can help you with any toy train piece from before m1970.

There will be four test loops, for S, O-27, O and Standard gauges. We’ll also have transformers and controllers available for testing accessories and switches.

You may have noticed “Operations at NETCA meets” in another News and Events item. At this meet, we invite members to use the test loops for anything that you would like to run and show off to other members. Especially welcome would be your favorite restoration project.

Many who want to restore an old toy train pieces need parts. While there are numerous sources for postwar parts, prewar parts are not so easy to find. We’ll have information on prewar parts sources and how to go about finding rare parts.

We’re interested in expanding our panel of “experts?” who are available for repair advice. If you’d like to join us in this activity please let us know by sending an email to Mal Laughlin at can participate in several ways. Help set up the layout so that it all works well. Contribute equipment to the operation. Run the trains so we'll always have something going.

Malcolm Laughlin - Interim (self-appointed) Group Chairman
617-489-4383 (Belmont)