The display layout that was set up at the December meet was an invitation to join a group to run and show old lionel (and AF, Marx, etc.) trains.

We are old toy train fans who don't have a home layout or a formal display of our collections. We would like to meet others who would like to run trains together and show off favorite pieces of their collections

The layout is a work in progress, done by one member. We would like to have a small group to regularly set up such a layout at NETCA meets.

The theme of the layout was Lionel passenger trains of 1948. We might want to look at different themes for future shows. One might be a working display of Lionel or American Flyer coal and log handling equipment. Another interesting theme might be a prewar operation with box couplers. The possibilities are endless.

Our operation can include all O gauge manufacturers of toy trains, including Bing, Marx, American Flyer, Ives, Hornby and Lionel. We could do other gauges if there is enough interest and space.

Do you have a small collection of interesting trains that you would like to share with others. Would you like to see them operate. Join our group to make this happen at future NETCA meets.

You can participate in several ways. Help set up the layout so that it all works well. Contribute equipment to the operation. Run the trains so we'll always have something going.

If you are interested in joining this group email Malcolm using the email address to the right.

Looking forward to working with you.
Malcolm Laughlin - Interim (self-appointed) Group Chairman
617-489-4383 (Belmont)